It’s true that most adults know this, what they don’t know is that for some vaccines, this protection may not last a lifetime. This is the case with the whooping cough vaccine which, in addition to being a highly contagious disease, can cause very characteristic coughing fits.

The curious thing about whooping cough is that since it can initially resemble a common cold or cold: with sneezing, runny nose, low-grade fever, and a bit of a cough, it often gets overlooked. But after two weeks the cough becomes the characteristic cough of whooping cough in which there are attacks that culminate in “a whooping beast” that in addition to being very unpleasant, do not respond to cough medicines.

Your doctor can prescribe treatment for whooping cough. But, as always, the best thing is prevention.

Children under 6 months of age cannot receive the vaccine and their parents and people in contact with them should be vaccinated to protect them. In them and in children especially, there can be very serious complications such as pneumonia, seizures and encephalitis.

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