Tight Plan to live a really healthy life

In the years that followed my admission, I did everything I could to continue my recovery, but above all: to do everything I could to ensure that you don’t have to go through this experience.

For many, Tight Plan stands for an online dietician practice that you can turn to if you want to lose some weight, but Tight Plan mainly wants to ensure that you finally get the right information and guidance to live a healthy life.
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, it’s true that when we look at your diet together with you and make some adjustments,  the result may be that you lose some weight  if this is what you really want. Logical if you’ve been caught all your life by commercials that say that yogurt is really the healthiest, but is actually full of sugar. Online course ‘Learn to read labels’ .

Online practice

Back to Las Ramblas. So why did I walk there.
After the battle in the Uz in Ghent I endured another battle; corona.
Tight Plan had only just been born and there it was.
Because I already learned that you have to keep going in life, I decided to let the consultations continue online .
Because just now you needed all the support! 

Online options

Yet we noticed that online consultations are still a taboo for many. Developing  online courses was a way to continue to help you optimally. You can go through this at your own pace and wherever and whenever you want.

There were also online weight loss programs Bronze, Silver & Gold to lose weight in a sustainable way with the guidance of your Tight Plan dietitian.

Candid |  to a life without a diet |  Tight Plan online dietitians
Online consultations | Tight Plan online dietitians

A varied diet with sufficient proteins, good fats and varied carbohydrate intake can ensure that you will lose weight in a sustainable way. We are happy to explain this to you and help you to easily apply it in practice. 

Because these processes take place online, we notice that you often ask us a question by email between consultations. This way we can help you even faster.

And now to a life without a diet

So be ready when you sign up for Tight Plan. You will have a lot more time to live!
No more wasting Sunday mornings looking up what a  keto diet  is or which weight loss shakes are on promotion next week.

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