The Euribor is the European Interbank Offered Rate (Euro InterBank Offered Rate), a meter that indicates the price at which banks at the European level lend money to each other. In this way, it is an interest rate of the euro interbank market.

This meter varies, increasing or decreasing, something that directly affects people who have mortgages at a variable or fixed rate, since the value of the mortgages is periodically reviewed based on the Euribor. 

Thus, it is convenient to know its current value, how it has varied in recent months and where to observe this information on the variations of the Euribor , something that can be consulted on the following websites.

Check the value of the current Euribor

One of the options when consulting the current Euribor is the website , a specific portal where the values ​​of this meter are displayed throughout the current month , day by day, as well as the provisional average for this month, and the monthly average of the previous month. You can also see a graph, a table and other complementary information about the Euribor.

Likewise, it is possible to consult this information through the HelMyCash financial portal , where data such as the last daily Euribor is indicated, as well as the monthly one or data on how this meter affects mortgages.

You can also consult the iAhorrro calculator , where you can check the Euribor today, as well as an interactive graph where you can check the evolution of this meter over the last few months or years. Likewise, information can be consulted on what the Euribor is, the average for the current month or how it will affect the mortgage payment, among other things.


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