The company OpenAI is ready with its latest language model, GPT-4, which is far superior to the GPT-3 language model on which the much-debated and hyped ChatGPT chatbot has been based on.

GPT-4 is the fourth version of OpenAI’s underlying GPT algorithm (so-called transformer), which is actually already in use in Microsoft’s Bing Chat feature . Now GPT-4 is also used in ChatGPT, but so far only for users who subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for 20 dollars per month.

GPT-4 makes ChatGPT more accurate, usable and creative

According to OpenAI, GPT-4 is capable of producing more secure and useful answers than GPT-3. GPT-4 can also solve difficult problems with greater accuracy thanks to its broader general knowledge and ability to solve problems.

OpenAI highlights GPT-4’s improvements in creativity, visual input, and the ability to understand context.


GPT-4 is more creative and collaborative than before, and can thus generate, edit and repeat creative and technical writing tasks together with the user. For example, it can help compose a song, write a script or learn the user’s writing style.


“Explain the plot of Cinderella in a sentence where each word has to begin with the next letter in the alphabet from A to Z, without repeating any letters.”

“A beautiful Cinderella, dwelling eagerly, finally gains happiness; inspiring jealous kin, love magically nurtures opulent prince; quietly rescues, slipper triumphs, uniting very wondrously, xenial youth zealously.”

Visual inputs

As a novelty, ChatGPT Plus, powered by GPT-4, can also accept images as input and generate captions, classifications and analyses.


“What can I make with these ingredients?

Ingredients laid out on a surface, including eggs, flour, butter, and milk”

“There are many options for what you can make with these ingredients! Some possibilities include:
– Pancakes or waffles
– Crepes
– French toast
– Omelette or frittata
– Quiche
– Custard or pudding
– Cake or cupcakes
– Muffins or bread- Cookies or biscuits

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless!”

Understands context in long texts

GPT-4 is also capable of handling texts longer than 25,000 words. It makes it possible to create content in long format, have long conversations and search and analyze large documents.


“[Text from:]

Describe her Super Bowl performance and what made it special.”

“Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show performance was special for a number of reasons. For one, it marked her first live performance in over five years, and it was her first time headlining the Super Bowl halftime show. Additionally, she made history by becoming the first person to perform at the Super Bowl while pregnant. The show itself was critically acclaimed, with many praising her high-energy performance and impressive vocals. It also garnered a massive viewership, becoming the second most-watched halftime show in history.”

GPT-4 completes exams and tests with flying colours

OpenAI also states that GPT-4 outperforms ChatGPT with its advanced reasoning capabilities. GPT-4 also performs significantly better in various tests. In the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), which American lawyers must pass, the GPT-4 ranked in the 90th percentile – that is, 90 percent did worse than the GPT-4. In the International Biology Olympiad, GPT-4 placed itself in the 99th percentile – i.e. right at the top.

GPT-4 is also 82 percent less likely to save on queries about content that has been banned, according to OpenAI. It is also 40 percent more likely to produce factual responses than GPT-3.5.

OpenAI has also collaborated with a number of companies/partners to integrate the GPT-4 technology. These include the language learning service Duolingo, the app Be My Eyes, which helps blind people see objects, the payment gateway Stripe, Morgan Stanley, Khan Academy and the government of Iceland.

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