Will The Last of Us 3 be Naughty Dog’s next game? According to co-president Neil Druckmann, the studio has already decided on the question and the project is even launched for good.

Apart from The Last of Us Factions multiplayer which is officially in development, we do not yet know what Naughty Dog is up to in their corner. A lot of people seem to be clamoring for The Last of Us 3 , though, according to studio co-president and creative director Neil Druckmann. But did the Dogs follow the will of the fans?

Elden Ring now influences Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Factions, which is described as Naughty Dog’s most ambitious project , is due out in 2023. By Neil Druckmann’s own admission, the studio started working on it before The Last of Us 2 was released . If we are curious to see the contribution of the Dogs to this genre, many fans are rather expecting a solo game like, why not, The Last of Us 3. An upcoming title that could be inspired by Elden Ring , the hit of FromSoftware which has won over 20 million players , including Neil Druckmann and other Naughty Dog members.

I’ve more recently been interested in things like Elden Ring or Inside that don’t rely so heavily on traditional storytelling to tell their story. In The Last of Us, the best storytelling is in the cutscenes, but also a lot of the gameplay, moving through an environment and understanding the story just by observing it. For me, right now, it’s one of the greatest pleasures I get from these games that trust their audience to figure things out. Games that don’t hold your hand are what I’m most interested in going forward.

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Vers un The Last of Us 3 à la sauce Elden Ring ?

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The Last of Us 3 as the next game?

In a Kinda Funny program devoted to the analysis of the TLOU series , Neil Druckmman declared to be aware of the expectation around The Last of Us 3. A third installment whose outline of the scenario is already written . It’s already a good start, but is it really in development? Neil Druckmann won’t spoil the surprise.

I know fans really want The Last of Us Part 3. I hear about it constantly. All I can say is that we are already working on the next project. A decision has been made. I can’t say what it is, but we thought about different things and chose the one that excited us the most.

Via Kinda Funny (et PlayStationLifeStyle).

So it could be TLOU 3 as something totally different. In a previous interview, Neil Druckmann also said that his next game would be structured more like a TV series.

My next game will be more structured as a TV series than any other Naughty Dog game .


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