Speed ​​up your metabolism

Speeding up your metabolism is a strange word.
What we can do is ensure that your metabolism  continues  to work optimally.
There are certainly factors that we cannot always control, such as a problem with the thyroid gland, but let’s take a moment to consider the factors that we can control in the have a hand. 

Let your digestive system work

A comparison that we sometimes make in practice is that of  the stairs versus the escalator .
With both you will get to your destination, but if you took the stairs, you will have used that little bit of extra energy. 

Now think about eating an apple versus eating applesauce.
The apple is the stairs and the apple sauce is the escalator.
‍ Choose foods that your body still has work to digest.
Advantages? Your digestive system will have that little bit of extra work to move from the apple to a structure your body can process.
Just think of breaking down the skin and the fibers that are still present.

Towards optimum combustion |  Tight Plan online dietitians
Choose foods that your body still needs to digest

If you opted for applesauce, a number of processes have already taken place when making the applesauce.
The apple has already been processed into a structure that your body can absorb more directly.
The sugars are immediately absorbed into the blood, your body no longer has to break down some fibers and there is also a good chance that you will eat more applesauce.

“Objects in motion want to keep moving – Sir Isaac Newton”

Work your muscles

Do you opt for cardio or do you also go for some strength training? A run is certainly a good idea, but  don’t forget that strength training .

The more muscle mass you have, the more energy you will expend at rest.
During the run itself you will of course also use energy, but when you do strength training, your body will not only use extra energy during the training, but also  afterwards.

In addition, you build muscle mass with the strength exercises, which in turn will ensure that you also use enough energy at rest.

Towards optimum combustion |  Tight Plan online dietitians
Strength training to maintain your muscle mass

Do not panic.
Start slowly and don’t run straight to the gym to get started with the bench press.
‍ Start with sitting breaks .
Break your sitting time every hour and activate your butt (and the rest of your body).

When you sit, you put your body in ‘breakdown mode’. You lose muscle mass.
Loss of muscle mass means: loss of energy because it is literally your energy factories – the mitochondria – that you are breaking down.

Hello spiermassa, hello sitting breaks!

  1. Are you going to the copier? Do some jumping jacks (star jumps) while copying.
  2. toilet visit? Go to the toilet – let your colleagues think it was urgent – ​​and do some squats before or after your toilet visit. 
  3. Doing a wall sitting competition with colleagues?!

Bring variety to your diet

We cannot emphasize this enough and it is a mistake that we see very often in practice.
Your healthy yogurt bowl or oatmeal every morning, a rich salad in the afternoon and some potatoes with vegetables and a lean piece of meat or fish in the evening. 

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Keep surprising your body with new foods

Your body is no longer surprised and looks for the most efficient way to convert the known things into energy. Efficient – with as little energy consumption as possible.
This was already explained very nicely in the blog post  5 causes why your diet is not working .
In cause 3 we briefly considered the importance of variation.

Sidenote: The ways discussed in this blog post are certainly not the only ones. Cold stimuli,
for example for the activation of your brown fat, are another way that has not been discussed here.

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